Workshop TOTh 2015

« Terminology and Standards »

Luxembourg - 3 December 2015


The 2015 TOTh Workshop is organised by DG TRAD – TermCoord European Parliament Place de l'Europe, Plateau de Kirchberg, 2929 Luxembourg

In a globalised society, where objects multiply, specialise and connect (Linked and Open Data), Terminology plays a key role in accessing and managing information: we cannot communicate and share that information unless we agree on the terms being used.

The changes regarding information and language processing demanded by this evolution of society have consequences for Terminology itself and for the standards that govern it. The current revisions of the ISO standards on Terminology, its vocabulary (ISO 1087-1) and its principles and methods (ISO 704) also reflect this.

The 2015 TOTh Workshop aims to focus on Terminology and its standards in the changing context of our information society. Some of the topics to be addressed include (this is a non-exhaustive list):

  • Standards for Terminology and on Terminology :
    • The ISO international standards from TC 37 ;
    • The standards concerning the principles and methods, terminography and lexicography, terminology, knowledge and content management systems, management of language resources, translation and interpretation;
    • W3C standards.
  • Applications that mobilise a terminological approach within:
    • Translation;
    • Information and knowledge processing and management;
    • Language processing and language resources;
  • The role of Terminology in the drafting of standards.
  • The terminology commissions.


Submission: Abstracts (2-3 pages, including bibliography) should be sent to:

Deadline for submission: 15 October 2015 Extended deadline: 23 October 2015
Notification of acceptance: 1 November 2015

Official languages : French and English

Organising Committee

  • R. Maslias,
  • V. Laci-­‐Pongracz,
  • R. Costa,
  • C. Roche

Scientific Committee

  • N. Calzolari
  • N. Chan
  • R. Costa
  • C. Galinsky
  • L. Damas
  • B. Karsch
  • H. Kockaert
  • V. Laci-Pongracz
  • R. Maslias
  • F. Ní Ghallchobhair
  • A. Pareja-Lora
  • M. Popiolek
  • C. Popp
  • C. Roche
  • K. Schmitz
  • H. Thomsen